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Welcome - Your Wheel & Discount Tyre Specialists

Welcome to Tyre Professionals, your home for the best in fine quality tyres at reasonable and competetive cheap prices. With our experienced and knowledgable team, we guarantee that you will find the best in performance and reliability. Our broad range of stock gives our customers the opportunity to browse through Australia's finest tyres, so have a look today!

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The The Tyreprofessionals Professionals, giving you what you need to increase:

Performance, Economy, Handling, Reliability, Safety, Style.


What's the point in having 500 ponies under your bonnet if their hooves can't grip the road?
Instead of blowing white smoke at the lights, shoot off ahead of the pack and make the best possible use of your machine.


Choosing the right tyre can save hundreds of dollars off the running costs of your car and back into your pocket. We can choose the correct tyres for your car that can save you money by lasting longer, improving fuel economy and reducing component wear.


With speed limits growing lower and lower, the key to a really impressive street-legal performance is being able to take the corners and speed. The Tyreprofessionals can set you up with the rubber you need to hammer it through the corners without a worry of losing control.


As well as setting you up with tyres that reduce your equipment wear, The Tyreprofessionals can perform preventative maintenance such as wheel balancing. As well as being annoying and noisy, the shudder caused by poor wheel balance can cause unexpected component failures that can range from the inconvenient to the dangerous. By keeping your suspension, brakes and tyres in good shape, we'll help keep you reliably on the road.


Forming the essential link between your car and the road, the grip of your tyre treads and brakes is more important than any other factor in determining the safety of your vehicle. Tyres affect your primary means of safety - avoiding accidents in the first place. By increasing your ability to corner and brake in all conditions and emergencies, you can avoid putting yourself and your family in danger.


Change your wheels and change your car from bog-standard boring transport into a styling and eye-catching piece of automotive design. The Tyreprofessionals stocks a wide range of wheels to make you stand out with fatter rims and thinner tyres. For those looking to really turn heads, The Tyreprofessionals stocks the masterpiece designs of UK's Kahn Design.

What can we do for you?

The Tyreprofessionals Sunshine stocks the best value and highest quality tyres, wheels and accessories. If you're looking to improve your car or want a good deal on tyres, we've got what you're looking for.

We perform the best wheel balancing in Melbourne with our specialist equipment, of which there are only 6 examples in the Southern Hemisphere. Nobody has you riding smoother than Tyre Professionals.

Don't throw out a perfectly good tyre just because of a puncture! We repair your punctured tyres - saving you money!

But we don't just do tyres. Is your battery going flat? Having difficulty starting the car in the mornings? Tyre Professionals stocks a wide range of batteries to give you the power you need.

And of course to make sure your car handles and stops just the way you want it to, The Tyreprofessionals have your service and parts needs for suspension and brakes well and truly sorted.

Best of all our prices are very competitive.

The Tyreprofessionals Sunshine is a family owned business with a combined experience of 30 years in the tyre service industry. We stock and sell all major brands of tyres. Service is the key to our business. The service we offer to our customers is second to none.

Our Service


Our Guarantee

Here at The Tyreprofessionals Sunshine we guarantee your new set quality tyres will last at least 50,000km or we'll pay the difference on your next set of tyres.

How can we make this promise ?

We are so sure of the quality of our tyres and service that we provide this guarantee to all our customers.
Your tyres will be fitted and balanced by expert technicians within the hour, using state-of-the-art balancing and wheel alignment to keep you vibration free.

Once you buy your tyres we won't just forget about you. We'll provide you with FREE tyre rotation and balancing every 5,000 km to ensure you at least 50,000km of safe and enjoyable motoring. (conditions apply).

Best of all our prices are very competitive.


Our Opening Hours are:

7:30 AM - 6:00PM
8:00 AM - 4:00PM
9:00 AM - 2:00PM



The Tyre Professionals - Tyres, Wheels, Service and accessories for your complete automotive tyre solution. Ask us for a discount on wheel alignment and quote. Call us 9364 8716 Melbourne or send us an email. View a Melbourne Google Map here: