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A Brief History Of Tyres

Of course, we all know that the very first tyres originated as bands of iron and eventually steel, placed simply on wooden wheels. These were used on carts and wagons years and years ago. But to give you a brief history of the tyres we now know today, have a browse over this informative description.

Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in 1844 that was later used in the creation of tyres.
In 1888, John Dunlop invented the air-filled or pneumatic tyres. These tyres were for bicycles, and not as yet for vehicles.
André Michelin was the first person to use pneumatic tyres on an automobile, however, not successfully in 1895.
In 1911, Philip Strauss invented the first successful tyre - combination tyre and air filled inner tube. Strauss' business the Hardman Tyre & Rubber Company marketed the these brand new tyres.
P.W. Litchfield of the Goodyear Tyre Company patented the first tubeless tire in 1903. It was never commercially used or sold until the 1954 Packard.
In 1904, mountable rims were introduced. This allowed drivers to fix their own flat tyres. Soon after, in 1908, Frank Seiberling invented grooved tires with improved road traction and safety.
B.F. Goodrich Company invented longer life tires by adding carbon to the rubber in 1910.
Goodrich also invented the first synthetic rubber tires in 1937 made of a patented substance called Chemigum.

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