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Sidewall Markings

A little confused about your Sidewall Markings on your tyres? Let us help you out.

Every tyre you purchase will have the brand and pattern on the Sidewall of the tyre - which is literally the side of your tyre that you would see when you look at it on your vehicle. First, you will see the brand name, and then the pattern directly following. This is always a great reference when buying new tyres.

Also on the sidewall of your tyres, there will be the sidewall markings or measurements - diplayed as follows:

Example - 123/45AB67

The first three numbers consist of the measurement for the width of your tyres - this is taken from front on, measured in millimeters.

The two numbers following this display the profile of your tyres. This is a measurement of the height of the sidewall, and is shown as a percentage of the width.

The next two letters represent your speed rating, the maximum speed for the tyre when operating at full load. You can find out more on our Speed Rating page.

The final two numbers show the diameter of the wheel rim the tyre is supposed to fit, and is measured in inches.

The sidewall also presents the 'MAX LOAD' and 'MAX PRESSURE' for your convenience.

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