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Please note: These tips and tricks provided at your own risk, Tyre Professionals don't take liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from using the below mentioned advice.

Tyres are a crucial part of making your car or bike operate smoothly and efficiently, and the bottom line is - if you look after your tyres, they will return the favour! For all of Tyre Professionals customers and visitors out there, no matter what experience level you have, it is important to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of your tyres to get the best out of them in the long run.

Maintaining Your Tyres

Air pressure - make sure that the air pressure in your tyres is at the optimum, as it is critical to their performance and your safety as a driver.

Don't rely on appearance - use an accurate tyre pressure gauge, as appearances can be deceiving!
Pressures check every 2-4 weeks - it is normal for tyres to slowly lose air through the rubber, so make sure they are checked regularly.

Correct pressure for your vehicle - the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is shown on the tyre placard or in the vehicle owners' handbook.

Valve caps - make sure valve caps are fitted as they keep foreign matter out of the valve core.
Too much pressure - too much pressure within the tyre can be as dangerous as too little pressure.

Check and set tyre pressure when tyres are cold - heat will temporarily raise the pressure in the tyres.

Damage to the tyre - if you notice any damage to the tyre, make sure you have it inspected by a tyre specialist, as tyre failure at high speed can have tragic consequences.

Tyre repairs - ensure that your tyre repairs are carried out by a tyre specialist who will remove the tyre from the rim and inspect it for internal damage before repairing it from the inside.

Push-in plugs - any push-in plugs used from the outside should only be used for temporary emergency repairs.

Under-inflated tyres - if your tyres are under inflated, they will wear out faster.

Check your spare - make sure your spare is serviceable and roadworthy, you may need it one day.

4-way wheel brace/cross brace - invest in a 4-way wheel or cross brace, they are much easier to use than the one usually supplied.

Your jack - ensure that you own one and you know how to use it!

Changing Your Tyres

Step One:
Get off the road and park your vehicle in a safe location. A hard and level surface will be best suited if possible. Put the hand brake on and put the vehicle in 'Park' for an Automatic or in gear
for a Manual.
Step Two:
Chock the wheel diagonally, opposite the wheel you are going to remove with a suitable object.
Step Three:
Remove the spare wheel and the jack from your car.
Step Four:
Remove the hubcap, and only just loosen the wheels nuts, do not remove them.
Step Five:
Raise the vehicle using the jack, until the tyre is around 6cm off the ground.
Step Six:
Take off the wheel nuts, then carefully remove the wheel from the vehicle.
Step Seven:
Place the spare wheel onto the car and lightly tighten the wheel nuts. Make sure that the nuts are in the correct spot, care should be taken not to 'cross thread' the nut and wheel stud.
Step Eight:
Lower the car down to the ground gently and remove the jack.
Step Nine:
Once the wheel is on the ground, tighten the wheel nuts with the wheel brace and replace the hubcap.
Step Ten:
Place the removed wheel and jack back in their storage places, and carefully remove the wheel chock.

Make sure that you have the damaged tyre inspected and repaired or replaced, as soon as you can, by your tyre specialist. Driving with an inoperable spare tyre may be asking for trouble!


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