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Speed Rating

When first selecting your tyres for your vehicle, it is extremely important that you idenify that you are choosing the correct speed rating. Tyre speed rating indicates the maximum speed to which your tyre can reach.

It is best to discover your speed rating prior to purchasing the tyres for your specific vehicle. Selecting an incorrect tyre speed rating can create problems with your insurance in the future - so make sure to do your homework first!

Your tyre speed rating can be found on the side of the tyre itself. It is always the final letter at the end of a series of figures. View the table below to discover your speed rating as per the letter on your tyre.

Speed Kilometres             Rating Per Hour

N                                            140

P                                             150

Q                                             160

R                                             170

S                                              180

T                                               190

U                                              200

H                                              210

V                                               240

Z                                               240+

W                                              270

Y                                               300

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