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1. How do I know what tyres I will need for my vehicle?

At the Tyre Professionals we are always keen to help. Our team are experts in the tyre industry, they are more than happy to analyse and assess your car and the tyres and accessories you will require. Alternatively, the Tyre Professionals website has a vast amount of information on Tyre Information and Maintenance, where you can learn many interesting skills.

2. Will myself and my vehicle be taken care of at the Tyre Professionals?

Our staff at the Tyre Professionals are very experienced, friendly and well presented. Whether you come in to our store or give us a call, there will always be someone to speak with you and assist you in the highest possible manner.

3. Can I pre-order my tyres if I know what I require?

Of course. At the Tyre Professionals we know that you will have certain needs that we can pre-order and put aside, or order in for you if we do not have them in stock.

4. What pressure should my tyres be at for my vehicle?

For everyday usage, tyre pressure should never be any lower than the manufacturer's recommended level. This information should be found in the driver's door egde or in the glove box. More information can be found on the Tyre Professionals website.

5. What tyre brands can you offer me?

At the Tyre Professionals we can offer you -

Toyo Tyres

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