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Wheel Alignment Explained

Wheel alignment is a service that most cars will need during their life time, and it is an important one. If you are curious as to what wheel alignment is, and what it entails, the Tyre Professionals can help you get in the know...

Wheel alignment is part of standard car maintenanc, that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car manufacturer's specifications. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tyre wear and to ensure that the vehicle's travel is straight and does not 'pull' to one side.

Alignment angles can also be altered beyond the manufacturer's specifications to obtain a specific handling characteristic. Motorsport and off-road applications may call for angles to be adjusted well beyond normal for a variety of reasons.

There are two types of angles that should be adjusted regularly during the life of a regular car. The first type are called the 'primary angles' and second type is called 'secondary angles'. Each of these plays a large part in keeping your car in the best condition on the road.

Within primary angles, there are three adjustment parameters involved on each axle in order to properly align a vehicle. These adjustments are camber, caster and toe. On some cars, there may only be the ability to adjust for one or two of the parameters. In terms of the secondary angles, there are numerous.

In order to know how much the camber, toe and caster are misaligned, a camera unit is attached to a clamp which holds on to a wheel. There are usually four camera units in a wheel alignment system - one for each wheel. The camera units communicate their positioning in comparison to the other camera units attached, to decide how much they are misaligned. This is then sent to a central computer system.

Once this has been decided, wheel alignment can begin to take place. To discover more information about wheel alignment and how it operates, give the Tyre Professionals a call today, and one of our experts will fill you in.

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