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Wheel And Tyre Cleaning

Cleaning your wheels and tyres is now beyond the days of soapy water - with all of those special tyre cleaners out there, you will be able to get your wheels and tyres looking fresh and brand new in no time. And with all of the attractive new alloy wheels and high performance tyres, most drivers have an exciting reason to keep then shiny and new!

Wheels and tyres are the sort of item on your car that will get dirty fast, from brake dust amongst other things. If your wheels have a bright or shiny finish, they can look even dirtier - decreasing the appearance dramatically. The sidewall of your tyres can deteriorate as they age, due to elements such as air pollution, road salt, heat and humidity. Some harsh detergents can remove the moisture from the tyre and promote deterioration.

So, what tools will I need to make my tyres look sparkly and clean? You will require a good quality car washing soap, liquid wheel cleaners, a tyre or gentle household brush, wheel brush and any special brushes you may need to get between the spokes. Often an old toothbrush can assist with fine, intricate wheels.

Now to begin! Begin with the wheel, spraying or squirting on the liquid cleaner you have purchased. Some wheel cleaners have a strong acid content that will damage painted or clear-coated wheels, so ensure you select the right one. Never spray wheel cleaner on a hot surface, it is best to clean in the shade to prevent the cleaner from staining the wheel.

Spoke wheels require a good scrubbing to remove brake dust residue from within and between the spokes. While you're scrubbing, feel free to spray more wheel cleaner on, but don't allow it to sit and dry. With the scrubbing complete, give it a good rinse with clean, cool water.

Once this process is complete, get your car washing soap and give the tyres a good scrub, finishing with a rinse with clean water. This will give your wheels and tyres a great clean, leaving them shiny and bright. Contact the Tyre Professionals to ask one of our friendly staff about our cleaning products.

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