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Wheel Balancing Explained

Each and every time a brand new set of tyres are fitted to your car, they will be balanced to ensure the highest level of quality. Often, after weeks and months of wear, the wheel can begin to feel as if it is vibrating at high speeds - this is when you are in need a wheel balance!

Once combined together, wheels and tyres will be slightly out of balance with one-another. This can be caused by slightly more weight around one part of the wheel, which leads to those frustrating vibrations when you accelerate to higher speeds. These differences are found in the tyres and wheels. One may have a slight imperfection or difference that adds a tiny amount of weight, making it out of balance. Something as simple as the tyre valve can add that small amount of weight, for example.

When your tyres have been fitted to your vehicle, the wheel and tyre are put on a computer-operated machine. This determines how much weight is needed and where it should be fitted around the rim of the wheel, in order to counter the tiny differences in the weight balance. Small metal weights are then added as required to adjust the slight weight imbalance, making them even.

Wheel balancing is generally only necessary if your tyres are brand new, or if your wheel feels to be vibrating at high speeds. Tyres can also be thrown out of balance if you hit a pothole or gutter due to rim or tyre damage.

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